Free Printable: Daily Food Journal

  Whether you count points,  write down your calories, or just keep track of food, these printables are for you. Print them out a week at a time, or daily.  I have included two different printables, one for those of you count points, or one for those of you who don't. I know writing down my points and food really helps me to realize what I am eating on a daily basis. I am currently on a weightloss … [Read more...]

Freebie: Checking Account Register

Another freebie is here! This is a checking account register that I use to manage our finances. I have a binder that I put the checking account register and monthly budget form in. It really helps me to have these in the 8 x10 size instead of the small register that comes with your checks. I hope these will be a blessing to you!  You can get both of these forms by clicking … [Read more...]

Eliminating Debt- Week one- The Basics (Free Monthly Bill Printable)

  My husband and I are no stranger to debt unfortunately. There are a few big reasons why we have debt, medical, car repair, you name it, LIFE! We have determined though to not let life happen to us, but to be intentional in life.  So we are on our journey of being debt free, and this week I will share will you a few ways we got started: Number one, your spouse and yourself need to be … [Read more...]