The day my bathroom scale bit the dust……


After having baby #4 I am on a mission to get healthy again. I am trying my best to eat right, and exercise. So I would do my weekly weigh-ins and it would keep me motivated.  Well one day my trusted scale bit the dust. So my mission began for a new scale. I searched the stores, and Amazon. I read all the reviews on all the different scales. Some had some pretty fancy features, but I wasn't really … [Read more...]

Blueberry picking at Huber’s Orchard and Winery

Saturday the weather here was unusually cool for mid July. We had a day that wasn't filled with a bunch of planned events, so we took the opportunity to do something fun as a family. We call these days "Family Fun Days", and they are fun! We chose Blueberry picking at Huber's Orchard and Winery as our day of fun. My 4-year old loves blueberries and we so excited to do this, my 12-year old not so … [Read more...]

DIY: Simple Storage Solutions for your Central Vacuum

  Our central vacuum was something we splurged on when we built our home. This was the best investment that we made considering we now have 4 children. One can only imagine the messes that are left to clean. Our vacuum was out 24/7 being used several times daily. At first I would put the hose up every time we used it, then as time went on, the hose was left lying in the floor. So I had to … [Read more...]