Blueberry picking at Huber’s Orchard and Winery

Saturday the weather here was unusually cool for mid July. We had a day that wasn’t filled with a bunch of planned events, so we took the opportunity to do something fun as a family. We call these days “Family Fun Days”, and they are fun! We chose Blueberry picking at Huber’s Orchard and Winery as our day of fun. My 4-year old loves blueberries and we so excited to do this, my 12-year old not so much. She did admit she had a great time afterwards. When we arrived at the orchard we found the wagon that would take us to the field to pick blueberries. This was a fun ride.

When we arrived to the field we grabbed a bucket and started to pick our berries. Honest confession here, we had no idea how  blueberries grew. Did they grow on a tree, a bush, or on a vine? Well, they grow on a bush. The kids ran through the bushes picking the biggest blueberries we have ever seen.


After picking berries, we hopped back on the wagon and rode to the farmers market to pay for our pick.

They have an ice cream shop that has handmade ice cream, and wonderful cheese too. My children all picked superman, my husband had triple chocolate, and I had Maple Nut. Needless to say they all ended up eating MY ice cream.

 They also had live music that made it fun to dance around to while outside. The winery is always busy, and they give tours throughout the day.  So, I would say this was a successful “Family Fun Day”. If you have an orchard or winery around your home I encourage you to visit with your family, and do something out of the norm. We still talk about going, and my 12 year-old asked if we could go again. Wink, wink!

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    This looks like tons of fun! We used to live by a Huber Farms many years ago not sure if its the same one but we always had a blast!

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