Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy

2009 the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) set guidelines reguardingendorsements and teastimonials to protect the public from any intentionally misleading or advertising the is paid for by another party, group, or company. This blog may be a source of income and may endorse or give testimonials from time to time. The following is information we thought you may like to know.

  • This blog may endorse or give testimonials as a source of income. The content of this blog may be used to promote products, businesses, or services.
  • I only endorse or promote products I use and believe in.
  • Products may be given as free, no charge. This does not mean it will get a positive, or less than true review.
  • I will always give my readers a truthful review.
  • I would never compromise my readers or integrity and give a less than accurate opinion. Fairness to my readers is is the most important
  • I may not associate an affliate link every time an affiliate name is mentioned in a post.

My integrity is important, I hold this blog to the highest standards to deliver truthful, interesting, and sometimes funny content, all the while sometimes earning a small profit.

Comment Policy

Be kind, and considerate. Foul language will not be allowed. Respect.

Privacy Policy

  • I will not share your information with third parties, nor do I store any of your information about your visit to our blog other than to analyze statistics to make your visit the best it can be for you.  We do use cookies for this. You may turn off cookies anytime by changing your personal setting on your browser.
  • I am not responsible for content taken from this blog without my permission and posted to any other public forum.
  • This privacy policy can change without notice. If you have any questions please contact me here.