Too Real Tueday….Keepin it Real

Most mornings do not talk to me till after 10:00, and when I’ve had my coffee. Yes, I am one of those people, “a non-morning person”. Stamp it on my head, I wear it loud. Let’s be real! Some of you have known me my whole life, while some of you are just finding my blog. I consider myself somewhat an introvert. I was an only child, so I blame that. I cherish calm, quiet, and relaxing environments.  Insert a huge “record scratch here”. My life now is no where near my ideal environment. You see I have 4 children whom range from 12 going on 15, to a 5 month old. Some would say we’re crazy, most days I think we are. But, I love my crazy life.  One of my missions of this blog is to keep it real, and to help other mom’s feel normal. So where do I begin?

Actual picture of my home this morning!

Today I will start with my “thorn in my flesh,” my house. Ack! I get immediate anxiety when I think about my home. It looks like a bunch of trolls came in and made themselves a home, at least 4 of them did. I always see these homes on pinterest and feel inferior. I am the one that when a friend posts a picture on facebook or instagram, I am not looking at your family, but your background. If it’s your house I am looking to see if I am living up to your standards. When I see a cluttered counter top, floor covered in toys, windows dirty by hand prints, dishes in the sink in, I smile.  Those are my favorite pictures. Why? These pictures make me feel normal, that I am not crazy. The trolls haven’t completely taken over, but I have allowed them to stay for my enjoyment.  I think if us as mothers keep it real, it keeps the feeling of failure from our minds. I think I have every printable printed, every chore chart filled out, and I still can’t seem to get it ALL done. So I have been praying daily that “God will let me get the things done that matter today, and learn to leave the rest, and be okay with it”, this is very hard for me to do. I think I have chosen my home over my children at times, and that feeling stinks. They are little once, let some things go, enjoy the day, and pray that God will help you to decern what needs to be done, and how to leave the rest.







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