Your Beautiful Heart by Lauren Scruggs

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I am so lucky today to have my daughter Alexa guest post on I have a Future and a Hope. She was asked by Family Christian to review the new book by Your Beautiful Heart by Lauren Scruggs. Let’s just say that she absolutely loved this book.

I was given a copy of the book Your Beautiful Heart by Lauren Scruggs from Family Christian to review, and I was so glad they picked me to read and review it. I dove straight into the book, everything I read was on a young adult level and I could relate to what she was saying. A lot of the book hit close to home for me, from feeling down and having insecurities in myself.

Lauren Scruggs the author of the book was in a horrible accident, she was hit by a plane propeller and lost her left eye and hand.  This started a journey to find out who she was. She had to figure out  where real beauty comes from, she found that it only comes from God.

I love how she took her real life stories and situations and used those with the chapter lessons and points. At the end of each chapter there is a summary sentence summarizing the point of the chapter.  My favorite summary sentence in the book is in chapter 24: A beautiful heart finds fullness in Jesus, not in a certain kind of physical appearance.

Each chapter in the book has a different topic and story, for example in chapter 13 the topic is “A Heart that Rests” , and in chapter 25 the topic is about “A Heart that Dreams”.  She writes about everything from facing insecurities, peer pressure, body image, self-worth and more. Many topics young women struggle with.

I have grown in my faith and relationship with God while reading this book. I know that whenever I am down, sad or feeling ugly I can always come back to this book for guidance, I hope you will too.


After my daughter read this book she came out to the couch and started a conversation with me about how you can be a missionary no matter where you are, that God can use anyone in any place. I really felt that she was able to see that she does ,and can have purpose right where she is, being exactly who she is. Being a teenager in today’s world has got to be mind-boggling. I would be so confused by so much stuff if I were to grown up in today’s crazy world, so I could only imagine trying to find my place in this great big world.

I am so thankful for resources that I can point my daughter to when she has questions or problems that she may not really know how to express, or just doesn’t really want to talk about with anyone. Resources like “Your Beautiful Heart” are exactly what young women need to be reading, building them up in Christ in exactly who THEY are not someone else’s view.


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