3 Online Resources to Connect with Other Homeschool Moms: 31 Days of Homeschool Supplies

Connecting with other homeschool moms is a must.  I know you’re probably squirming in your seat reading this if your anything like me.  I am an introvert who used to be an extrovert, more about that in another post, but the point is that no matter who you are you need to connect.

3 ways to meet other homeschool moms for support. Talk about schooling, family, life, recipes, and more.

I am so glad that we have technology today or I probably would never know another homeschool mom, really.  The world wide web has opened doors for us moms to connect with other families who are like minded and have the same interests.

Did you know there are full group pages on Facebook dedicated to homeschooling? All you have to do is type in homeschool in the Facebook search bar and a bunch of pages or groups will pop up. I will be listing some of my favorite Facebook groups below.

Facebook Groups:

Hip Homeschool Moms Community- Just click join

Homeschooling Tips for Moms- I admin there. Tell them I sent you!

Mommy Scopes- Just click join

Homeschool Scopes- Just click join

Moms and Coffee- Website Launching September 1st

If you would like to add a group to this list just comment below and I will check it out!


Now, there is a new app that I ABSOLUTELY love, Periscope. If you haven’t downloaded that app yet go do it now, I’ll wait. Periscope is a live streaming video app, Scopers will scope live and the links are only good for 24 hours. There are all kinds of challenges and fun Scopes that happen. Search the following hashtags and see all of the fun that’s happening live.  #mommyscopes is fun group to be involved with, it is all about moms, marriage, parenting and more.

There is also a whole community of homeschool scopers that daily share everything homeschool. If you search the hashtag #homeschoolscopes  you will find homeschool bloggers and more sharing all about their adventure in homeschooling. This is my favorite go to resource to feel normal, seriously.

My Periscope handle is @futurehopecom please come follow me, and any time I find a great scope from another homeschooler going live I can alert you, and follow you.

Moms and Coffee:

3 ways to meet other homeschool moms for support. Talk about schooling, family, life, recipes, and more.

MomsandCoffee.com is a new website that I am launching September 1st just for us moms. My mission is to form a community where all moms can come online and find support with one another. You can  read awesome blog posts that will fill you up with support and strength that you need, guest bloggers will be sharing their stories, and a forum for everyone to connect. So set your calendars to join us during the launch to be apart of this new community.

How do you like to connect to other moms? 

3 ways to meet other homeschool moms for support. Talk about schooling, family, life, recipes, and more.

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