31 Days of Homeschool Supplies

A new series 31 Days of Homeschool Supplies will be

starting July 1st.

I will share some of my favorite homeschool supplies with you! Each day a new post will be posted to this page so you can find the links easier.

  1. Our Favorite Desk Caddy
  2. Our Favorite Pencils and Pens
  3. Our Favorite Baby Carrier
  4. Our Favorite Carts
  5. Our Favorite Cork/Bulletin Board
  6. Our Favorite Calendar for Daily Learning
  7. Our Favorite White Board
  8. Our Favorite Printer
  9. Our Favorite Maps
  10. Our Favorite Character Building Posters
  11. Our Favorite Crates and More
  12. Our Favorite Microscope
  13. Our Favorite Camera
  14. Our Favorite Field Trips Must-Haves
  15. Our Favorite Car Trip Must-Haves
  16. Our Favorite Apps
  17. Our Favorite Computers and Tablets
  18. Our Favorite Science Supplies
  19. Our Favorite Curriculum Supplies
  20. Our Favorite Reading Gadgets
  21. Our Favorite Books
  22. Our Favorite Coffee and Drinks
  23. Our Favorite P.E. Items and More
  24. Our Favorite Netflix Resources
  25. Our Favorite Culinary for Kids Curriculum
  26. Our Favorite Pre-School Supplies
  27. Our Favorite Planners and Calendars
  28. Our Favorite Math Manipulative’s
  29. Our Favorite Co-ops
  30. Our Favorite Games for Learning
  31. Our Favorite Curriculum Choices for 2015-2016 School Year

You will not want to miss the entire series 31 Days of Homeschool Tips for Moms.  There will be almost every topic you can think of in this series. 31 other bloggers/moms will be sharing their best tips for homeschooling your children. Homeschooling can be fun, and it doesn’t have to be scary. You will have 31 homeschool moms  cheering you on this adventure.

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