31 Days of Homeschool Supplies: Pencils and Pens


Do you have  favorite pencils or pens?

I love pens and always seem to hide my favorites, but today I am sharing with you in our 31 Days of Homeschool Tips for Moms series my favorite pencils and pens.

Pencils and Pens

I got so aggravated at my kids when they seemed to be constantly sharpening their pencils during our school day. It would completely interrupt our lessons, and you know once their attention is diverted it can take some time get refocused. Today I am sharing our favorite pencils and pens.

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One day I was Staples and asked the sales person what is the brand of pencil that would have less lead breakage. He suggested the Dixon Ticonderoga pencils. Let me just say these pencils are hands down the best pencils we have used yet. I highly recommend these pencils because the wood is a great quality, and the leads are much harder to break than the cheaper pencils you buy.  They also sharpen very easy, and they won’t keep breaking in the sharpener.

Pens are my favorite item to write with, but I won’t yet let my kiddos write with pens except for my 8th grader. I like the erasable pens but the ink always seemed to gunk. I found the perfect pens that erase, and write smooth. Pilot FriXion Clicker is my pen of choice. If you are a crafter many people use these pens for fabric pens, the ink washed out in the washer as well. I like to use these to mark special button holes and more when I sew.

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  1. Kathleen P. says

    We love the Dixon Ticonderoga pencils. I order them from Amazon in a box of 96 when the price gets low. Last time I bought them for $12.99.

  2. Momuv3princesses says

    Both of these are favorites in my house! I got tired of wasting money on cheap pencils that broke often and sharpened down too quickly! So I started buying these and they are wonderful! Also I love the Frixion pens! Expensive but worth it!

    • says

      I have to hide my pens in my house! LOL. My kids try to steal them. I buy mine at Sam’s and they are a little batter on price.

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