(DIY) My first chalk paint project….making over my girls room project 1

There once was a desk that was dearly loved, but was forgotten about,and put in a dark basement. Surviving two moves, and still having a lot to offer, this desk was not going anywhere.  This desk was begging to be made over, but the owner had no idea what to do. See, she has tried several DIY projects that did not turn out right, so she gave up. So she thought.... Since the birth of  my second … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding: 6 Questions and Answers

"© evgenyatamanenko / Dollar Photo Club”       I just had my fourth baby in November 2013 and finally feel like I know what I am doing with this whole breastfeeding thing. I have nursed all four of my children, and each child was a very different experience. I recently have a friend who also just had a baby and she had a few questions about nursing her baby. Coming home from the hospital nursing … [Read more...]