Summer is here….

 I am so glad warm weather is here! I can feel the energy in the air! The kids swimming, catching lighting bugs, and bonfires. I am so blessed to be able to spend this time with the ones I love. It wasn’t even 6 months ago that I wondered if I would even have Shawn here to do all of these things with. God is so good though. Through it all there was peace, grace, and mercy, in Jesus name.  Every kiss is better than the last, think about not being able to kiss your husband for over a month. Treasure every kiss, hug, bite of ice cream, cupcakes, sprinklers to run through, birthday party’s, holding hands walking, cookouts, bonfires, pictures being taken, star gazing in the front yard laying on a blanket hoping spiders don’t get me moments. Treasure all the goofy moments, serious moments, life changing moments. These are what make you, you. Suck life up, breath it in, let the small things go. Everything is small in the big picture of life. So make an extra effort to LIVE this summer like never before, I know we are, and will! 
Alana :)

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