How to Catch your breath….The in between moments

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If you’re anything like me,  you feel  your head is spinning like a hamster wheel. You know the one that squeaks all night and you get no rest? It can be exhausting. EXHAUSTING! It occurred to me while I was driving, by myself (which is a very rare occasion), this is an in between moment. The moments when there is silence and my mind can slow down.

Somehow, somewhere, you need a few in between moments to catch your breath everyday. Look for them where you least expect them. Notice and take hold of those moments, don’t let those slip away. Mom’s we need this.  It will quiet our minds, help us to refocus, and be able to think about those things that get pushed to the back of our minds. Here are a few of the places I finds these moments:

  •   In the car when I have sleeping babies. I have been guilty of pulling into the garage and sitting in the car while they sleep for a few minutes.
  • Another time is in the morning ( mostly weekends), I lay in the bed a little longer while the kids are in the living room hanging out.  I also try to get my bible time in here.
  • Hiding in a quiet place to nurse a baby. This is always a good excuse.
  • In the shower.
  • We take our older children to Wednesday night service (Awana, Youth Group), our younger one goes with her grandpa while we drop them off to church, and the baby is usually asleep. This is a great hour of free time by yourself or with your spouse. I know some of you would not leave your children at church, but we have a great program at the church they attend and we trust the people running the programs. Just an idea. ;)
  • Mothers Day Out is a great resource, if you can afford it. This way you can still a few precious hours to yourself.
  • A program like the YMCA that offers child care with your membership. You can exercise or just get a shower while your children play, or like my older ones, swim and play basketball. They have fun and you get some quiet time. Most YMCA facilities offer financial assistance if you think you can’t afford this, you may be surprised at the discount you can get, you just have to ask. 
  • Summer programs offered by your children’s school or homeschool group. These are free or very cheap.


If you have some favorite places to find in between times please comment and let us know. If we can all come together and share our ideas we may find that we have more quiet time than we thought!


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    My girls are all grown up but I still find a way to have a busy mind and so I love your post because we all need to be reminded to Catch Our Breath. Quiet reflection in the car is a good one. When I’m working on the computer I click off email and facebook so I am not tempted to look at what just went “ding” ;)

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    I don’t have children, so I definitely don’t need to catch my breath as often. I am always so in awe of how much work mothers put in everyday. I’m glad you’ve found your ways of getting a few moments of relaxation!
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