31 Days of Homeschool Supplies: Printers

There is one homeschool supply that I would never recommend going without and that item is a printer. Printers are used almost daily in our home, we print everything. I have went through my share of printers and have found the one that finally can get the job done. Let’s just say we kind of have a printer graveyard,

I went on the search for the perfect printer and was determined to find one that was fast, and printed a lot of pages without running out of ink all the time. I settled on a color laser printer.

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My reasoning behind the color laser printer came down to ink. My inkjet printers ran out of ink all of the time, and it cost about $70 to buy refills. That was too much for me to pay as frequently as we needed ink.  I went on the search for the right printer for the right price.

I ended up buying my printer from Sam’s for about $200.00. It is a Samsung C460 color laser printer that has a copier, is wireless, and can print easily from your mobile phone.  There are a few things that I wish this printer had though, the ability to print easliy on cardstock, and document feeder for top loading, but a printer with those features are well over the $200.00 price point. I would say for the price this printer is a good deal.


The toner refills I use:

Inkjet Printers are more budget friendly, but the ink can be costly. If you choose an inkjet I recommend a wireless printer that can accommodate XL ink cartridges so you are able to print many pages without having to replace the cartridges frequently, and easily from mobile devices and.

What is your favorite printer?

31 Days of Homeschool Supplies: Printers


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