Apps and Online Programs for Learning: 31 Days of Homeschool Supplies

Are you looking for some great apps and online programs for you iPad or tablet that your kids will enjoy playing and learning? Today I share with you our favorite picks for apps and online programs.

Apps and Online Programs for Learning: 31 Days of Homeschool Supplies

Apps are just  part of today’s learning. The resources are endless and they very educational. There are programs for every subject and topic you may be studying. There are programs for all ages, from 3 yeas old to teenager. All you have to do is go to any app store and search the subject or education and 100’s of choices will pop up.

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Here are our top app or online programs.

Apps and Online Programs-

  • ABC Mouse

    - (App or Online) Great for ages 3 and up, they offer a free 30 day trial. ( We personally subscribe to this service and my 5-year-old enjoys this. It had really helped her with her reading and math.)

  • Reading Eggs

    - (App or Online) Ages 3 and up to 2nd grade. This is a reading and Phonics program.They offer a free trial. ( My 5-year-old has excelled in her phonics because of this program, it is a paid subscription, but worth every penny.)

  • Math Seeds

    - (App or Online) Ages 3 to 2nd grade. This is the same company that runs Reading Eggs. They offer a free trial. ( Again my 5-year-old loves this program and she is excelling in math, they teach each concept in a fun way where your children may not even know they are learning. This is her favorite.)

  • Minecraft

    - (Online or Pocket Edition on iPad.) This is the favorite of my older children. There are homeschool minecraft servers that offer classes and more. One of those programs is

  • Starfall

    - (App or Online) Phonics and reading for pre-k up to 2nd grade. Some parts for this program are free, and homeschoolers can a yearly membership for $35. Most public schools use this great resource as well. It offers letter sounds and reading.

  • SpellingCity 

    - (App or Online) You can download spelling lists for specific grades or upload you own. Your child can then play games and practice their spelling lists as well as take practice tests. Grades K and up.Have fun playing spelling games

  • BrainPOP and BrainPOP jr

    -(App or Online) This app provides fun videos on an array of topics as well as games. This program covers most subjects taught. All of my children enjoy this program.

I will continue to add to this resource list as I find apps or online programs that can benefit our children. I hope you found a few new apps that your child will enjoy.

Do you have a favorite app or program that you use in your homeschooling that you love? If so comment below to let us all know about it!

Apps and Online Programs for Learning: 31 Days of Homeschool Supplies

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