Tonsil here, tonsil there, tonsil everywhere….

I have to laugh at us, as in my husband and myself. First he has cancer in his tonsil, then I end up having chronic tonsillitis and have to have mine removed May 17th . AHHHH! I hate tonsils. So my title of this blog is kind of how I feel, everywhere I look it seems tonsils are there. LOL! Sorry for my corny humor, but I am so ready for these tonsils to be done running our lives!Alana :) … [Read more...]

The marathon…..

Shawn has lost 30 pounds now, he is still not really able to eat. He is drinking Ensure shakes, I am sure he will never want another Ensure shake ever again after all of this. He is starting to get better, but it is slow. I am hoping by next week he can eat something yummy. Thank you for all your prayers, please do not stop praying for Shawn's recovery. He will go every 3 months for CT scans for 2 … [Read more...]

The treatments are OVER….

Praise the LORD, the treatments are over. Now the healing time begins, hopefully this will come quickly. Shawn has lost about 25 pounds in 3 weeks. He has two huge lesions on the sides of his tongue from the radiation. This has kept him from being able to eat solid food. He is very miserable right now, all he really wants to do is sleep. So please pray for a quick recovery. His hair is slowly … [Read more...]